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CSV1600 Network Video Server Series
CSV1600 Network Video Server Series
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Product Specifications
  • H.264 hardware codec standard;

    Based on Hi3510 and Linux platform;

    Multiple transmission protocols supported, and specially designed dedicated VSIP protocol;

    Self-adapt filter technology can reduce the noise and improve the image quality;

    Real time bit stream control can reduce the image delay down to less than 300ms;

    De-interlace technology can mitigate the sawtooth and smearing phenomenon;

    OSD text, date, time overlapping supported;

    Million pixels photo supported;

    Web access and web page management;

    Two-way audio G.726 supported;

    6 channels binary signal input and 3 channels binary signal output;

    Multi-areas motion detection supported;

    Front-end IDE storage supported;

    DES/3DES/AES encryption method supported;

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