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Hengtong Stand-alone DVR
Hengtong Stand-alone DVR
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Product Specifications
  • 1.Stand-alone real-time operation system (RTOS)
    2.MPEG-4/H.264 video compression format
    3. 4/8/12/16 display mode can be chosen
    4.Reconrd format: QCIF,CIF,Half-D1,DCIF,FULL-D1
    5.Include a 3.5" colour LCD and a mini audio amplifier (Optional type)
    6.Included multifarious PTZ communication protocol;
    7.Hard disk dormancy function supported;
    8.Backup via USB2.0 and network supported
    9.LANPSTNDDNADSL supported;
    10.Can save the compression audio/video stream in the NAS via network;
    11.Support strong network functions as well as dynamic IP address analysis.