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Access Watch - Video-Based Tailgating Detection
Access Watch - Video-Based Tailgating Detection
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Product Specifications
  • The term "tailgating" is used to describe a situation where one or more people follow an authorized person through a secured entrance/exit when the authorized person opens the door legitimately. This can be either with or without the authorized person's knowledge or consent.

    The Tailgating practice represents a difficult security challenge. The Access Watch intelligent video solution provides the ability to both detect and prevent tailgating for any existing access system, and significantly reduce the problem of Tailgating.

    It analyses and classifies the detected figure contour, and identifies whether the contour comprises of one or multiple persons. On detection Access Watch automatically sends a video alarm clip including the recording of the unauthorized person to the relevant security personnel. In addition these clips are saved and logged on the Alarm Video Clip Server for later review and event reconstruction.

    Access Watch is a flexible, low maintenance solution, providing a high detection rate by keeping false alarms to a minimum.

    While Access Watch can operate as a stand-alone module without an operator it can also be employed within complex networked units using Mateˇs management system, or by integration into a 3d party management system.

    Access Watch provides facility security managers with a better ability to monitor access to secured zones.