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SR Series Stand-alone DVR
SR Series Stand-alone DVR
  • Supplier: Tibet System
  • Region: Korea
  • Updated: 03/06/2009
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Product Specifications
  • SR Series Stand-alone DVR provides Mpeg-4 compression in triplex operation at entry-level price, allowing recording, network transmission and backup to be processed at the same time without any interference. Tibet System''s one of the main concepts is providing faster network speed than other competitors in order to leverage its DVR benefits in terms of more images transmission. With more than eight-year experience of manufacturing DVRs in mass quantity, now we are ready to meet all the needs from the market and to offer the best products at entry-level price.


     Motion recording, DHCP and PSTN supported, various ways of event control

     3 ways of operation (Mouse, remote control and key button)

     Backup to CD/DVR RW and USB media