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RecA 9015 DVR
RecA 9015 DVR
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  • As a professional storage networking solution provider, Anextek integrates the most advanced features of new generation of storage technology into DVR. The most powerful advantage is its built-in RAID feature (RAID 0,1,3,5,0+1) with redundant function to pretend data loss from HDD failure.

    In addition, RecA-9015's amazing enormous storage capacity with 15 built-in hot-swappable HDDs to offer more than one year of recording duration.. The high-end redundant power supplies and fans protect the system from power failure and overheating. The hot-swappable HDD, power supplies, air blowers and fans keep the system clutter-free and allow administrators to install and remove the components quickly and easily. With the high-tech superior architecture, RecA-9015 not only lowers the total cost of the surveillance management, but also secure the data to get rid of the headache of data lost problem.