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AcroSecure ATN400/800/1600 DVR
AcroSecure ATN400/800/1600 DVR
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Product Specifications
  • The AcroSecure ATN is a high performance digital video recorder. In addition to integration of AnexTEKˇs core technological competencies in Linux-based platform development and MPEG-4 compression algorithms, which offer stability and large storage capacity, advanced features also include a higher display speed at 480frames per second (fps) and a greater recording rate, providing efficient surveillance. The AcroSecure ATN also integrates remote access capabilities for live viewing and downloading via the network, alarm notification via e-mail, FTP or SMS (short message service), as well as system diagnostics for video loss and HDD storage display for remaining storage capacity. The ability to record audio on one channel enables the system to not only capture video but also sound from the recorded vicinity, which provides for comprehensive surveillance.