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RecA 9008 DVR
RecA 9008 DVR
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Product Specifications
  • 冝 〗16 channel DVR with Linux operating system offering distinct performance and stability

    冝 〗Supports up to 8 Hard Disk Trays

    冝 〗Supports RAID (RAID 0, 1, 5, 0+1) with redundancy function to avoid data loss from HDD failure

    冝 〗Instant information of system status displaying on LCD

    冝 〗Built-in tamper sensor to protect the system from having lid opened or sabotage

    冝 〗Multiple Video Output (BNC connector, main monitor and call-monitor function for

    1, 4, 9 and 16-way display)

    冝 〗Large storage capacity by providing 8 hot swappable HD trays (SATA 2.0 interface)

    which can support up to 3.2 TB storage capacity (400GBx8)

    冝 〗The front panel is well protected by key lock.

    冝 〗System environmental protection by building-in the dynamic fan control., temperature

    monitoring, system & HDD diagnostic and voltage monitoring.

    冝 〗Hot swappable HDD, redundant power suppliers and fans keeping the system clutter-free

    and allowing administrators to install and remove the components quickly and easily

    冝 〗Support sSCSI External RAID Disk Array for extending the storage capacity

    冝 〗Alarm/ error notification on e-mail, telephone, mobile phone, fax or shown on screen

    冝 〗High speed controller and network support

    冝 〗Smart self-detection and report system

    冝 〗Multiple backup via built-in slim type CD or DVD burner, USB handy drive, network or 6-in-1

    card reader

    冝 〗NTP (Network Time Protocol) is a protocol designed to synchronize the clocks of a system

    over a network.tolorant