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Protoguard Face Recognition Door Access
Protoguard Face Recognition Door Access
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Product Specifications
  • Main Features

     Tri-factor authentication for extra security level.

     Using latest award winner on Face Recognition technology.

     Using ARM9 processor which provides more reliable & efficient processing.

     Provide high quality 3.5〃 TFT 256K color LCD display for user administration.

     Reduce installation time by connecting using existing network cable.

     True contact-less operation for easy-of-use and lessened public hygiene concern.

     Able to capture & recognize users by a 75K Pixels camera with infrared light compensation.

     Allow Proto Guard Client & Server to communicate via Intercom feature.

     Exceptional Speed: less than 2 second.

     Built-in ¨Client/Server〃 mode  Enroll once and get access through any Proto Guard Client.

     Built-in event viewer  All entries are captured and send back and allows report-viewing via Proto Guard Server.

     Transaction logs can be exported in text, Access or Excel format right from Proto Guard Server.