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car digital recorder portable recorder,auto camera digital
car digital recorder portable recorder,auto camera digital
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Product Specifications
  • 3.8"TFT-LCD display

    SD card (4G-8G)

    PAL: 72??576(D1)/25FPS, NTS: 72??480(D1)/30FPS?F

    Professional special operation design!

    Excellent configuration and function expansion!

    Function of digital kinescope, photographing, recording and amusement!

    Product Characteristics:

    1. Function of high intellectualized dynamic detection (or motion detection, or dynamic target acquiring), means that it can record only when images changing on the scene, moreover, various automatic kinescope, recording or photo capture are available, it can be used in the automatic control by connection with the relevant electrical appliance(eg. Security Alarm System).

    2.Professional large picture high-speed and high-definition video: PAL: 72??576(D1)/25FPS, NTS: 72??480(D1)/30FPS. it adopts the advanced MPEG4 video compression, and MP3 compressed format for the sound.

    3.Integrated with many high-performance applicable functions, including recording video and audio ?? photo capture (photographing more than 1.3 mega pixel ) ?? amusement, and can be used in many different purposes.

    4.The camera:sony ccd 420TVL 1/3" sensor,0.5LUX.

    5.Real-time recordings are marked the date and time information of spot photographing for the future inspection and confirmation.

    6..Ultra-long time recording and ultra-large storage capacity: SD card support up to 8G?F

    7.Function of wireless remote control.

    8.Storage media: SD card(4G-8G)?F

    Technical Specification:

    1. Video compressed format: MPEG4?F

    2.Audio compressed format: MP3?F

    3.Photo format: JPG?F

    4.LCD: 2.5", TFT true color LCD?F

    5.The camera:sony 420TVL ccd 1/3"sensor,0.5Lux?F

    6.Storage type: SD card (4G-8G)?F

    7.Video size and speed: PAL: 72??576(D1)/25FPS, NTS: 72??480(D1)/30FPS?F

    8.Picture size: Over 1.3 mega pixel ?F

    9.Recording AV mode: Motion detection/ and self startup?F

    10.Recording time: 68 minutes around/1G?F


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