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Wireless IP Camera (IP-2091)
Wireless IP Camera (IP-2091)
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Product Specifications
  • 1. the user can also connect the following items to one of the two USB ports;

    Wireless USB dongle to connect to a wireless access point. See list of compatible

    USB dongle.

    USB Flash for local storage.

    USB HUB to increase the number of USB ports available.

    2. Larger LCD display

    3. Plug & View in LAN or WAN (by pass port forwarding/NAT & DDNS stetup)

    4. Just plut a wireless USB Dongle for wireless access! See list of compatible wireless

    USB Dongle here.

    5. Resolution: 160x120, 176x144, 320x240, 352x288, 640x480, 1024x768 and 1280x1200

    (1024x1280 resolution require special camera and firmware upgrade.)

    6. Audio option with audio enabled camra.

    7. Two ( or more with add-on) USB ports for USB PC Camera.

    8. ONE RS232 port for add-on device.

    9. Advanced Motion Detection; continuous or scheduled.

    10. Motion tracking with a Pan-tilt camera.

    11. Digital Pan/Tilt with a static camera.

    12. Zoom to Custom Window or resize to update specific areas only.

    13. Horizontal Scroll Bar to control digital zoom/resolution.