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Product Specifications
  • Video and Audio DVR Features and capabilities

    *4channels for video input, full-motion (30fps/camera) continuous video recording and display

    *4 channels for high-fidelity, digitally recorded, synchronized audio matched to 4 video channels

    *Continuous recording while in the search mode

    *MPEG-4 video compression for high quality, low storage recording and playback

    *User-selectable settings for quality and audio record enable/disable for each video channel

    *12v power supply output for multiple devices such as cameras, sensors and other accessories

    *Selectable idle frame rate with selectable event-triggered burst recording speeds up to 30fps/cam.

    *Multiple alarm inputs with selectable pre-alarm and post-alarm recording

    *Full event logging of every operation controlled by the MDVR

    *2 Video output channels for live video and recorded video viewing

    *SAY Video Output for Advertising, Entertainment, and Information

    *DVD-quality audio/video channel with independent NTSC or PAL composite or VGA output

    *Convenient Flash card, USB media updating and status file downloading

    *Simultaneous and independent operation of DVR and advertising

    Product Features

    Stand alone NON-PC embedded operating system (RTOS) provides maximum stability

    High Quality MPEG-4 video recording and playback at full frame rate (30 fps)

    Record up to 4 channels of high resolution video

    Record up to 4 channels of highly synchronized audio

    Built-in GPS allows for vehicle tracking and location recording in video field

    Time synchronization through GPS or NTP

    Small, low profile assembly includes a quick release mount that eliminates the need for a "vault" box

    Removable hard disk rack, provided the mobility to store the data to center system;

    Optional WI-FI and Cellular Video Networking

    8 "Alarm In" connections allow specific cameras to be put into record mode on receipt of an "Alarm In" signal

    Two USB connectors ,allows laptop connection to download & upload data

    Wireless CMS /RMS/Auto Download/Media Update

    External EDGE /CDMA/GPRS Router is for CMS

    External WIFI module is for RMS/Auto Download/Media Update

    Flash Card (CFC) can be used for software upgrades and uploading advertising clips to the MDR

    Low power consumption

    Works automatically when vehicle ignition is turned on

    Full line of cameras and accessories for many mobile applications