Product Profile
MVE 1000/2000/4000 MULTIEYE Real-time Video Encoders

MVE 1000/2000/4000 MULTIEYE Real-time Video Encoders

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Product Specifications
  • Special Features:

    *Real-time network transmission of up to 4 simultaneous video streams in D1 Resolution (720x576 Pixel)

    *MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression for high quality video streams (DVD quality)

    *Deinterlacing function increases image quality at D1 resolution

    *Bandwidth efficient dual-encoding

    *Audio support for up to 4 simultaneous streams (G.711)

    *Configurable image size, frame rate and bandwidth

    *Optional external image storage trough USB interface

    *Integrated web server

    *Multicast and internet streaming

    *Video output in Quad (MVE 4000)

    *Enhanced security by integrated configurable encryption trough AES (Advanced Encryption *Standard) and password protection

    *Integrated motion detection for activity triggered transmission

    *With the MULTIEYE AUTOBACKUP module fully automatic export and archiving of video- and audio *recordings can be realised

    *Serial ports for PTZ camera control and/or integration of i.e. cash register-, access control- and ATM data (needs MULTIEYE DATALOG Module)

    *Can also be used as standalone solution

    *Perfectly aligned with MULTIEYE-HYBRID and MULTIEYE-NET

    *Easy integration in third party systems trough HTTP API