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Linux PC DVR with 32-channel DSP H.264 Compression, 960fps, D1, 2CIF, CIF Resolution
Linux PC DVR with 32-channel DSP H.264 Compression, 960fps, D1, 2CIF, CIF Resolution
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Product Specifications
  • The top quality H.264 hardware compressed DVR card, 16-ch 480fps D1, support Windows and Linux S/W?F


    Powered by H.264 hardware compression, Hikvision''s DVR cards are the top quality cards in the world. Models:DS-4004HCI?FDS-4008HCI?FDS-4008HCI?FDS-4016HCI?FDS-4008HSI?FDS-4016HSI.


    DS-4000C series cards are top-quality hardware compression cards with the most advanced H.264 video compression algorithm. These cards support real-time preview & recording for each channel, and recording and preview video with QCIF / CIF / 2CIF / DCIF / 4CIF resolution.


    DS-4004HCI: 4 video and 4 audio input, 100 F/S (PAL) or 120F/S (NTSC)

    DS-4008HCI: 8 video and 8 audio input, 200 F/S (PAL) or 240F/S (NTSC)

    DS-4016HCI: 16 video and 16 audio input, 400 F/S (PAL) or 480F/S (NTSC)

    ===Outstanding features===

    * Support up to 64 channels real-time preview & recording in one PC, due to hardware DSP processing instead of CPU

    * With advanced H.264 technology, experience 40[[]%] higher image quality and over 60[[]%] of saving on recording storage space

    * support both Windows and Linux DVR software

    ===Main functions===

    * Each video channel can be compressed independently in 25F/S (PAL) or 30F/S (NTSC). Both variable bit-rate and variable frame rate are supported

    * Each audio channel can be compressed independently, using an OggVorbis audio standard. The output bit-rate is 16 kbps

    * The output video and audio streams are integrated to generate the synchronized H.264 stream. Video and audio coincide with each other from beginning to end when the stream is played back

    * Real-time display resolution:

    PAL:4CIF (704x576)

    NTSC: 4CIF (704x480)

    * Real-time recording & playback resolution:

    PAL:4CIF (704x576), DCIF(528x384), 2CIF(704x288),CIF(352x288), QCIF(176x144)?F

    NTSC: 4CIF (704x480), DCIF(528x320), 2CIF(704x240),CIF(352x240), QCIF(176x120)

    * Supports dual stream mode, ensuring fluent network transmission

    * Supports multi-zone motion detection

    * Supports position configurable OSD & LOGO

    * Supports digital watermark