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Linux PC DVR software support POS/ATM/PDA/mobile view
Linux PC DVR software support POS/ATM/PDA/mobile view
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Product Specifications
  • Advanced H.264 Linux PC DVR software, max 36-ch D1 1080fps recording support PDA/Mobile phone view.


    Advanced Linux PC DVR software supports wireless access from PDA and mobile phones. No software installation on PDA is required. Almost all the PDA/mobile phones are supported. and it is even accessible from non-IE browsers, for example, Firefox, Opera, etc.

    The Linux DVR is working with market leading DVR card:

    - All Hikvision H.264 DVR Cards

    - Linovision DVR card - the MOST COST-EFFECTIVE H.264 hardware compressed DVR Card

    ===Outstanding features===

    - Hardware compressed H.264 and each channel is compressed independently

    - Max 64 channels realtime Pentaplex function

    - System on Chip, no system crash incurred by HDD failure

    - Support PDA and mobile phone access

    - Dual-stream compression to ensure high definition local recording and fluent network access

    - Save the Windows O.S. License fee


    Display & recording resolution:

    NTSC: 4CIF (704 x 480), CIF (352 X 288)?F

    PAL: 4CIF (704 x 576), CIF (352 X 2408)?F

    Real-time full-motion video (Max. 30fps per channel) with synchronous audio on every channel

    Customizable image quality and resolution (up to Full D1 704 x480)

    Smart video detection: multi-zone motion detection, camera blank, video loss

    Embedded I/O devices control

    Embedded PTZ control panel

    Multiple recording modes: Continuous recording, Motion Detection, External Sensor, or Manual recording

    Adjustable recording quality, resolution and frame rate for each camera

    Intuitive multi-channel playback mode by date/time directory (random-access)

    Alarm email message auto-sending

    Built-in Web Browser access

    Remote access and recording on client computer through LAN (network) or WAN (Internet) through static IP or dynamic DNS

    Monitor multiple locations from one Screen

    Optional POS/ATM integration

    Optional PDA/Mobile view

    Optional Matrix card to output video to TV Wall

    Provide OEM/ODM program