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CIEFFE NETTUNO MegaPX Network Camera

CIEFFE NETTUNO MegaPX Network Camera

  • Supplier: Cieffe
  • Region: Italy
  • Updated: 03/29/2007
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Product Specifications
  • The new CIEFFE NETTUNO MegaPX network camera is equipped with a high-resolution (2 Mpixels) CMOS sensor by Micron.

    NETTUNO MegaPX can send to the network high resolution images  1600 x 1200 or 2 Mpixels  at 12/15 fps, or real time images (25/30 fps) with a 1280 x 1024 resolution (1,3 Mpixel).

    The CMOS sensor allows to automatically adjust white balancing and colour saturation level, thus guaranteeing excellent images in standard settings as well as in scenes with high dynamic range and under any lighting condition. The camera independently controls and manages the autoiris of the fitted lenses according to the light condition of the scene selected.

    MPEG4 compression allows to optimize data in a much more efficient way than traditional compression methods, thus eliminating problems related to the available bandwidth and reducing traffic and storage costs. Therefore, it is possible to achieve an extremely high resolution with an extremely small bandwidth usage. MPEG4 compression is managed by a dedicated DSP,

    with proprietary firmware, that can be updated over the network if new algorithms are implemented.

    NETTUNO MegaPX inherits from NETTUNO SENSES the most powerful DSP currently available for video signal processing and exploits the CIEFFE Deepath2 algorithm for real time motion detection with motion-tracking and behavioural analysis functions.

    With the NETTUNO technology, the camera becomes a powerful motion detector capable of generating and transmitting intelligent alarms through the network.

    NETTUNO MegaPX can be powered directly through the Ethernet port (Power Over Ethernet compliant). An SDCard slot allows to add memory for local storage of single frames or short videos.

    Every camera has an integrated web server, enabling live view of images through any TCP/IP connection via Internet Explorer, without the need for additional software.

    NETTUNO MegaPX is suitable for stand-alone use or in combination with DVMS of the SPECTIVA and LINEARIS series. The IP transmission and the use of the best video-compression algorithms allow to achieve flexible and scalable solutions for any type of CCTV installation.