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  • Based on the hugely successful Epson IR700 Touch Screen EPoS unit running the acclaimed NPoS software from NISYST, the combination can record from up to 8 standard CCTV cameras. Recording takes place regardless of whether the EPoS is in use, for true 24 hour security. Because the EPoS software and the Digital Recording application are linked, users can pinpoint CCTV recordings related to individual transactions in a matter of seconds.

    PoSDVR does away with the need for complex CCTV wiring back to a traditional stand alone CCTV system and folding the EPoS and CCTV Recording applications together in this way simplifies installation and operation. PoSDVR is scaleable via networks, so live or recorded images can be reviewed locally, via standard PCˇs at other points in the store, or from other locations.

    PoSDVR can export images to CD or DVD when they are required by the police for evidential purposes and the inbuilt audit system ensures any exported footage complies fully with the HOSDB 〃Digital Images as Evidence〃 guidelines.