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ADPRO Presidium Intelligent Video Motion Detection (VMD) System
ADPRO Presidium Intelligent Video Motion Detection (VMD) System
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Product Specifications
  • The ADPRO Presidium utilises flexible lighting compensation, multiple scene models, and practical object filters to give the highest likelihood of detecting intruders under a wide range of conditions. Detection can be tailored for specific applications based on the level of perceived threat, and performance is not compromised during periods of scene change caused, for example, by cloud shadows.

    The ADPRO Presidium also features automatic scene learning and intelligent algorithms to dramatically reduce false alarm rates caused by small animals, trees and their shadows, car headlights and adverse weather conditions such as heavy wind or rain.

    The systemˇs reliability and performance is complemented by its ease of installation and commissioning; an intuitive PC-based graphical user interface (GUI) has an intelligent pre-configured settings feature that enables quick set-up either on site or remotely over IP.

    Comprehensive facilities are also provided that enable easy integration with ADPRO FastTrace and FastTx as well as the PRO series of long range PIR detectors to offer a complete remote site security solution.

    ADPRO Presidium features from one to 10 video modules (two cameras per module). Each module has alarm and isolate inputs and an alarm output. The main chassis has access/secure input, general alarm and fault relay outputs, LAN and WAN Ethernet connections.