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Digital Video Surveillance and Security for Banking

Digital Video Surveillance and Security for Banking

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  • IBM digital video surveillance and security for banking is a complete data capture, storage and retrieval solution that helps safeguard people and assets at all of bank branches. Whether you need to upgrade current systems or deploy a new one, digital is the future of !smart!| monitoring. It is designed to provide users with better threat detection and prevention, a low cost of ownership, streamlined security operations and decreased liability.

    It offers seamless integration with existing systems and efficient resource allocation with superb data integrity that helps promote more effective loss prevention. This solution provides many additional benefits: secure access through login; traces account management usage, providing audit trails; reduces time required for day-to-day operations as well as event-based needs; eliminates need for multiple copies of same footage; modular architecture allows introduction of new technologies as they become available; use of Internet Protocol (IP) network to transmit images and data allows authorized access from any device connected to the Internet.