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SPECTIVA DVMS Video Security System
SPECTIVA DVMS Video Security System
  • Supplier: Cieffe
  • Region: Italy
  • Updated: 05/11/2006
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Product Specifications
  • SPECTIVA is one of the most complete and powerful DVMS available in the video-security market today, rich in AI features such as the neural based motion detector, permanency detector, and smart video finder system. The last innovative feature is the new, powerful motion-tracking and behaviour analysis algorithm: Deepath 2. The newly developed motion estimator algorithm allows the system to discriminate between objects more easily than before. SPECTIVA manages up to 32 video inputs, encoding every video channel in real time (25/30 IPS) at the highest resolution (720x576/720x480 pixels) and best video quality (MPEG 4 Main Profile).