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PROVECTUS High-Res. VDVR Interlaced with Quality Audio
PROVECTUS High-Res. VDVR Interlaced with Quality Audio
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Product Specifications
  • Using MPEG4 video codec H.264 and OggVorbis Audio codec, the Linux based solution representing ultimate security solution. It is an advanced series of digital video and audio recorders. Its recording function is embedded with motion detection triggered, audio level triggered and sensor input includes alarm, access control and etc. In order to prevent false notifications on detected motion, the device also utilises block size motion detection to compare its results with the pixel size motion detection data and only if those two matched.

    In addition, the fully functional remote client software is able to connected with Internet, Ethernet, PSTN, ISDN, ADSL as well as GSM network. To further enhance the security level, PROVECTUS has built-in AES encryption standard to against brute force attacks, Authentic BLANCOM encryption and three-layers of watermarking design.

    Other I/O ports is capable of communicating with alarm IO, access control, PTZ cameras and other HW defined by user specification.