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ELMO-SUV-CAM Recording System
ELMO-SUV-CAM Recording System
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Product Specifications
  • The ELMO-SUV-CAM includes a micro camera head that is 3.3 inches long and 0.7 inches in diameter. A built-in TFT 2.2-inch LCD monitor and MPEG-4 DVR deliver fully synchronized audio and video recording up to DVD quality. The product offers two-hour capacity with two-gigabyte SD cards. At 0.6 pounds, it is ideal for handheld or body-worn surveillance or evidence gathering. Law-enforcement and security personnel can operate the unit while patrolling on foot or riding a motorcycle, bicycle or in a vehicle.

    The best news is that the camera features a 440,000-pixel CCD and records at 25 frames per second with 704-pixel x 480-pixel resolution so you need not make tradeoffs on quality. The separable camera head and recorder unit are compact, making them easy to carry. The 2.2-inch, TFT, high-resolution LCD display, headphone output and battery make it possible to view of up to two hours of recorded audio and video whenever or wherever you like.

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