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3G Mobile Deployable Camera System
3G Mobile Deployable Camera System
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Product Specifications
  • JVCˇs VN-C625U IP network dome cameras are integrated in a deployable camera system that uses 3G mobile phone technology. The camera systems are designed by ClearView Communications based in Chelmsford Essex, UK.

    Crime prevention officers, local authorities, developers and housing associations are currently using the system for a variety of applications including vandalism, fraud, theft, fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour. The ability to rapidly deploy discrete video surveillance and recording equipment into known trouble spots is increasingly being seen as a cost-effective way of countering crime.

    Its Day/Night operation with on/off IR filter capabilities combined with Super-LoLux sensitivity ensures that it can be used in low light levels, especially during winter time. It has an excellent 360-degree endless rotation, 12x zoom and is PTZ controllable〃 explains Paul Main, Joint Managing Director at ClearView Communications.

    When the cameraˇs in-built alarms are triggered, the system records and transmits pictures. Images from the cameras are accessed using the mobile phone 3G network at 64kbps and can be viewed using a standard Internet browser.

    JVCˇs VN-C625U super-slim IP network dome camera will be on display alongside the range of network surveillance.