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Intelligent 360 Surveillance PTZ Camera
Intelligent 360 Surveillance PTZ Camera
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 01/05/2007
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Product Specifications
  • 〈 Any unmanned or partially manned CCTV installations.When unattended, a PTZ camera has a fixed view and, as police statistics indicate, often misses the event. During playback the FullSight /

    FullSight Recorder allows you to investigate the full 360 scene by pointing the camera where you want and zoom in up to 4x with no loss of detail after the event, hitherto unavailable functionality. Regardless of whether you have a 10x or 30x standard optical zoom

    camera, once it has been recorded it is only 1x.

    〈 When unmanned, FullSight is capable of generating alarms and a virtual camera focused on and tracking the alarm event within the full 360 scene.Motion tracking inherently is a wide angle problem and cannot be performed effectively by narrow angle PTZ cameras.

    Further, wide angle video analysis cannot be implemented remotely as the transmission bandwidth requirement and delays resulting from remote processing makes real-time intelligence extraction


    〈 Total situational awareness. In an emergency, crowd behavior monitoring could be critical for saving lives. In a crowded restaurant, responding to customer demand could be critical for customer satisfaction. In public areas,where adapting to person flow is critical for business success.With high speed domes you can zoom in, but you cannot zoom out to give you full situational awareness, additionally the entire 360 scene is available for post event analysis.

    〈 Access control. Use FullSightˇs 64 user definable regions of interest to protect and highlight unauthorized access to any areas within FullSightˇs 360 field of vision, regardless of what the operator is viewing.

    〈 In applications where a continuous preset tour is essential for effective surveillance.As FullSight has no moving parts, it does not suffer from continuous maintenance from wearable parts which continuous movement inflicts. In most applications preset tours are disabled by the installer to minimize warranty related expenses.

    〈 Any large environment,e.g.,warehouses, retails stores, hotels, reception areas, lobbies, loading areas, casinos, hospitals, schools, public areas. FullSight is perfect for complimenting fixed/PTZ cameras to provide zoom out capability. FullSight offers unbroken video. No longer do you have to be concerned with a lack footage of part of the event or infatuated with identification as a person moves from one fixed camera to the next  the FullSight / FullSight Recorder sees and records 360 all of the time.

    〈 In a small environment the FullSight / FullSight Recorder is the only choice, e.g., cash counting rooms, multiple ATM monitoring, prison cells, offices, retails outlets and waiting rooms. One FullSight / FullSight Recorder does the job of 5 normal cameras.

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