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TransVu Media Mobile DVR for Transportation
TransVu Media Mobile DVR for Transportation
  • Supplier: Dedicated Micros
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 12/11/2006
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Product Specifications
  • TransVu is the mobile digital recorder which is specifically designed for public transit applications. Engineered to withstand the often heavy vibrations generated by vehicles ensures TransVu is requisite choice for mobile surveillance in all types of public and commercial vehiclessuch as taxis, vans, buses, trains, trams, limousines, and heavy goods vehicles.

    It also provides a useful mechanism by which transport companies can drive up profits by displaying commercial to passengers and providing a safe and secure environment for passengers and employees to travel, with decreased worry of attack or abuse from wayward individuals or gangs.

    Moreover, this possibility of showing advertisings offers a source of revenue generation for the transport operator, allowing the CCTV solution to pay for itself (when using TransVu Media)

    TransVu is capable of multiplex recording up to 8 cameras at up to 50PPS global and 2 channels of audio seamlessly, whilst concurrently handling panic/system alarms, processing GPS positing data, transmitting positional co-ordinates via SMS and using intelligent power management. These and a multitude of other feature combine to make TransVu the most powerful public transport surveillance tool available.


    * Same technology DNA as DV-IP Server

    * Allowed easy removal of recorded data for playback

    * Application runs from internal flash disk for easy drive removal

    * Suppresses heavy vibrations encountered during transit