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Ajoka Card  (A personal anti theft security device  )
Ajoka Card (A personal anti theft security device )
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    Ajoka Card

    Ajoka Card is an personal anti theft security card to put in your wallet, hand bag, drawer, safe box etc when someone try to still your belongings Ajoka card will make a very high noise to alert you.

    Ajoka security Card is designed and manufactured by using Hi-tech photosensitive theory, its size is the same to the credit card and can be put into the wallet. It can prevent your wallet being stolen or lost as when your wallet is away from your pocket, it will alarm immediately.

    Great protection from stealing of personal belongings like wallet, passport, daybook, cash box, from drawer and hand bag etc.

    To keep wallet or valuables safe in the pocket.

    When your wallet or valuables come

    from your bag ( Stolen by the pick pocket) or falls down from your pocket while you are walking at work or

    drive. Ajoka Card will give a strong alarm to alert you. so you will not loose your valuables.

    To protect from loss of wallet, passport etc.

    Wallet and passport are the main

    targets of pick pocket. Use Ajoka

    Card for protecting your wallet

    and valuables when you take

    public transportations, go

    downtown or travel abroad.


    Operating theory using high photo sensor;

    Built-in high sensivity micro speaker;

    Simple, comfortable and various usage;

    It can use in various wallets and boxes;

    Permanent usage with sensivity control and battery