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PIRAMID XL-LT Direction Control Sensor
PIRAMID XL-LT Direction Control Sensor
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 12/06/2006
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Product Specifications
  • The "LT" (Ladder and Tower) Version of PIRAMID is a dual technology sensor specifically designed to protect against climbing up ladders and towers. A three-position digital switch controls the direction of movement required for a sensor alarm. The sensor can be field adjusted to 1) detect only approaching movement 2) detect only receding movement or 3) detect both approaching and receding movement. The PIRAMID LT sensor is generally mounted at the top of the ladder/tower/structure looking downward. In this configuration the sensor is field adjusted to detect only an approaching target (someone climbing up the ladder or structure). The biggest hazard associated looking downward is rain, and due to the "direction control" capability of the PIRAMID LT, even very hard rainfall is invisible because it is moving in the wrong direction. Another excellent feature is that the sensor sensitivity can be precisely adjusted to determine the exact distance in centimeters (inches) a target must move to initiate a sensor alarm. In the lower sensitivity settings the PIRAMID LT can ignore movement on the ground (animals, pedestrians, small vehicles, etc.). The most common application for the PIRAMID LT is for the protection of ladders on water storage tanks for water utility companies.

    Key Features:

    * A dual-technology sensor specifically designed to protect against unauthorized climbing of ladders and towers

    * Precise control of amount of movement required to initiate alarms

    * Suitable for protection of ladders on water-storage tanks

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