Product Profile
DCS-6620G Wireless G 10x Optical Zoom Internet Camera
DCS-6620G Wireless G 10x Optical Zoom Internet Camera
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 01/08/2007
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Product Specifications
  • The camera features 802.11g wireless connectivity, motorized pan, tilt, and optical/digital zoom giving users greater remote viewing options, and two-way audio support. User-selectable compression codec is MJPEG and MPEG-4. It provides extreme low light sensitivity and smooth video recording can be up to 30 frames per second. The DCS-6620G wireless Internet camera also features dual codec support, a 10x optical zoom lens, built-in microphone, and low-light sensitivity.

    The DCS-6620G Internet Camera has a 10x optical zoom auto focus/auto iris lens, get greater clarity from your recordings than digital zoom alone. The 10x optical zoom lens delivers the level of detail necessary to identify people, license plate numbers, and other important details that are difficult to clearly view with digital zoom.

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