Product Profile
Camelecon Version 4 Advanced CCTV Control and Display Software
Camelecon Version 4 Advanced CCTV Control and Display Software
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 11/27/2006
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Product Specifications
  • The softwarewith hybrid IP and analog videoviews and controls IP and analog video simultaneously through a single interface. Cameleon''s multipurpose custom windows allow users to view live and archived video, display site maps, connect to and control remote PCs, and link to the Internet via an integral browser window. It provides fluid PTZ control as the customized windows are live control pads. View video by dragging the camera icon to the window; move the mouse over the window to pan and tilt the camera, or use the mouse wheel to zoom, focus and adjust the iris. Additionally, it provides devices located in the custom-window tool bar to provide operators with easy access to advanced controls, camera presets, patterns and auxiliaries. FTP and scriptable image capture allow user to capture live video and automatically upload images to a Web host. Meanwhile, it supports external display control, archived video and multivendor support.

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