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ELTEC License Plate Recognition System
ELTEC License Plate Recognition System
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  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 11/13/2006
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Product Specifications
  • Original scenario

    Garage operators in the market for a license plate recognition system to monitor all access and

    motions of vehicles in multi-level parking garages and several entrances and exits.

    The parking garage operator plans to transfer the information via an existing information center,

    located 10 km from the parking facility, which is staffed 24/7. This data makes it possible to know

    at all times and anywhere, who has entered and exited the parking garage, along with all

    respective vehicle and license place information.

    Solution / realization (ref. block diagram)

    The license plate recognition system is based on the latest automated systems. These components

    accurately recognize identifications of all kinds  preferably license plates. A comprehensive

    library and an efficient algorithm ensure maximum reliability. EL-RECO has been optimized for

    various access control applications, such as parking garages, parking lot management, fleet

    management, etc. Installation and configuration are very easy. Recognition, data comparison and

    recording are database-supported.

    The EL-RECO System consists of a remote-controlled video-camera with adaptive control and

    infrared illumination for high image quality under all conditions. The camera is connected to a PC

    and an integrated frame grabber. The hardware trigger input can be connected to various triggers

    (e.g. inductive or optical). A software trigger is available as an option, which allows the

    installation of the system in areas, where hardware triggers are not available or cannot be

    installed. Also available as an option is an expanded SQL database and IP or parking

    administration modules. The standard system includes the Event-Viewer, which allows the

    reviewing and editing of all archived images.

    EL-RECO features opto-insulated inputs and relay outputs. The basic system includes a camera kit

    with waterproof housing, IR illumination, installation accessories and control software. The system

    is available in an industrial and in a table top version. The recording time per vehicle is

    significantly less than 250 ms and the typical recording quota is more than 95 percent in outdoor

    areas for EU25 license plates.

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