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S3000 Integrated IP Video & Security System
S3000 Integrated IP Video & Security System
  • Supplier: IDCS NV
  • Region: Belgium
  • Updated: 11/06/2006
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Product Specifications
  • All S3000 components have native IP-connections:

    -IP enabled proximity reader

    -IP enabled touch screen panel with integrated proximity reader

    -IP enabled door controllers

    -IP enabled I/O boxes

    -IP enabled Local Processing Units

    -IP cameras

    -IP video recorders

    The data communication over the IP network infrastructure is highly secured through SSL Encryption. As for the readers this means that they are not using the "vulnerable" Wiegand protocol, but that communication is done using the highest possible encryption standards; to crack the 128-bit SSL encryption - even with the help of the latest power PC''s available - it would take significantly longer than the age of the Universe.

    S3000 components support Power over Ethernet (PoE, IEEE 802.3af), which makes additional power cables superfluous. Power and data run through the same wiring. This also results in a more efficient power distribution and battery handling comparing to traditional systems.

    The peripherals like readers and I/O interfaces are no longer dedicated to one distributed controller, but can communicate and exchange information with any logical processing unit in the system. In this way S3000 assures multiple redundancy going far beyond the boundaries of traditional systems.

    The S3000 open architecture makes real-time exchange of information with third party systems a reality.

    S3000 is fully integrated with the IDCS networked video server/recorder for IP cameras. All components are managed through a comprehensive management tool that handles Access Control, Intruder Detection, Digital Video, Visitor Control, Elevator Control, Guard Tour Control and Car Park Control.

    All applications are fully integrated and interoperable.

    S3000 is probably the only full IP-based system "by design".