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Crystal HD Surveillance System
Crystal HD Surveillance System
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  • The system integrates ground-breaking SCAN™ architecture and MultiStream™ encoding technologies that promise to increase the value of video for security professionals by capturing real time video intelligence that can be used to prevent and respond to threats or events.

    For decades, video surveillance has been used as a monitoring solution. Sometimes a deterrent, but more often an insurance policy, video became a mere data point for reviewing a breach in security or critical event well after the event had occurred. Review of analog tapes can be timely and costly, and the quality of today!|s digital video intelligence typically delivers little value for law enforcement and security officers needing to respond quickly to threats of property or life.

    CoVi!|s Crystal HD Surveillance System shatters the old standards for video quality, providing more than 4 times the resolution of traditional systems, and provides the intelligent solution for security professionals seeking to transform their surveillance system from a tool of awareness to an instrument of response.

    CoVi!|s breakthrough SCAN™ (Security Camera Area Network) architecture and MultiStream™ encoding eliminate bandwidth consumption roadblocks which have led to slow adoption of networked video surveillance. By placing system intelligence on all recording elements at the edge of the network, and simultaneously encoding high definition and monitoring resolution video streams, network loading is minimized. As a result, the Crystal HD™ Surveillance System can simultaneously monitor hundreds of cameras, while at the same time providing forensic quality HD video recording for every camera on the SCAN.