Product Profile
Microlight IR-1 Helios - ZOOM infrared illuminator

Microlight IR-1 Helios - ZOOM infrared illuminator

  • Supplier: Microlight Security
  • Region: Germany
  • Updated: 2012/10/25
Product Specifications
  • Multi - purposed, infrared ZOOM illuminator IR-1 Helios is designed for covert lighting of CCTV objects by infrared illumination in the darkness for both internal and external conditions.

    Smoothly adjustable angle of IR radiation of the illuminator can be changed from 2° up to 100° and the distance of IR illumination can be changed from 400 meters down to 18 meters simultaneously. Setting up for adjusting the infrared light with needed angle and distance is gotten by turning the adjustment screw located on the back of the housing of IR-1 Helios. The range of angles and distances are changed manually by installers at the places of the device installations and allow applying IR-1 Helios for any video surveillance tasks.

    The IR illuminator is assembled from a housing, made from extruded aluminum form, and a visor made by extrusion as well The metal cable inlet, the built-in photocell and the adjusting screw for angle and distance of IR illumination and the closed plastic (metallic) cap are placed on the back of the IR illuminator. For attaching the mounting bracket to the housing there are inserted screw-nuts threaded as M4 at the bottom of the case. The dark-red color filter is located on the front of the housing.