Product Profile
Silent Sentinel PT-160 Osiris Lowlight Thermal

Silent Sentinel PT-160 Osiris Lowlight Thermal

  • Supplier: Silent Sentinel
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2012/10/24
Product Specifications
  • The Osiris PT Lowlight provides a high sensitivity, 24- hour video camera, which outperforms the competition across the range. The camera gives outstanding performance from bright sunlight to overcast starlight and below.

    The pan/tilt unit features optical encoders for both axes to ensure highly accurate positioning and repeatability; allied with self correction systems that will counteract any external interference. A pan speed of up to 100 degrees per second (continuous rotation possible) and a tilt speed of up to 50 degrees per second ensure that no time is wasted moving into position. The whole unit is fully protected in a robust housing with environmental protection to IP67.

    * Thermal man detection up to 2000 meters
    * Lowlight capability of 10 microlux
    * Choice of thermal, lowlight and standard optical cameras
    * Continuous pan rotation
    * Robust construction
    * Enclosure fully rated to IP67
    * Single or dual camera arrangements
    * operate in complete darkness
    * operate in adverse weather conditions
    * Flexible mounting options
    * Cable managed