Product Profile
Johnson Controls P2000 Security Management System

Johnson Controls P2000 Security Management System

  • Supplier: Johnson Controls
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/10/19
Product Specifications
  • P2000 offers the control of an integrated, future-ready technology platform. It will work with virtually any security and building system technology or equipment currently installed, as well as with new technologies to come, including:


    Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Integration With Approved DVR Systems

    Enables operators to manage recording and camera functions from a single P2000 workstation

    Intelligent IP Door Lock Integration

    Streamlines the installation process, reduces costs and enables real-time communication in locations where it would be difficult to install a wired lock

    IP Intercom Integration

    Seamlessly combines live video, intercom request and open door functionality on one P2000 workstation

    Intrusion Panel Integration

    Enables extended control and auditing of more doors throughout a facility

    Elevator High Level Interface

    Enables access control integration with elevator system

    * Integrating badging systems with your HR database streamlines operationsand reduces human error while creating an audit trail.

    * Combining live video, intercom and open door functionality on one workstation saves staff time.

    * Wireless lock integration reduces installation costs and creates a more secure facility.

    * Intrusion panel integration protects your investment in existing technology

    and minimizes capital investment.