Product Profile
Allied Telesis IP Video Surveillance for Healthcare

Allied Telesis IP Video Surveillance for Healthcare

  • Supplier: Allied Telesis
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/10/16
Product Specifications
  • Ensuring the security of patients and employees is critical to the mission of every healthcare organization. The shift from analog to digital and high-definition technologies is enabling video surveillance and access control technology to become a more strategic tool in protecting assets and people as well as in analyzing incidents to determine cause and avoid repeat situations. As camera, storage, and analytics capabilities progress, the need for an adaptive IP/ Ethernet network infrastructure that scales and optimizes application performance intensifies.


    The new-generation IP-based video technologies displacing analog CCTV systems use high-definition, high-megapixel cameras and high-quality lenses to produce full-motion, real-time video. The requirement to have clear, high-resolution, real-time video demands broadband IP to ensure uninterrupted quality. An IP video surveillance system consists of multiple cameras connected to video storage servers recording and processing video streams, and an operations center or hub where video is displayed and monitored on a real-time basis. Many IP security cameras feature 360-degree pan-and-tilt capabilities controlled remotely from an operations center. To support the IP video network and enable remote camera control and operation, a high-speed IP/Ethernet network is required with its design and functionality tailored to IP video applications.


    The Allied Telesis fast-failover ring protection solution is the Ethernet Protected Switching Ring (EPSR). This is an extremely reliable, high-performance ring protection protocol that can restore connectivity within 50ms of a link failure being detected. Services such as video surveillance can each be provisioned with one or more VLANs running over the EPSR rings, with data on Layer 2 or Layer 3 switched between the rings and the central site facility.