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Omnipresence 3-D and ImmerVision Panomorph Lens
Omnipresence 3-D and ImmerVision Panomorph Lens
  • Supplier: Feeling Software Inc.
  • Region: Canada
  • Updated: 07/07/2010
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Product Specifications
  • Omnipresence 3-D was created with the goal of bringing 3-D graphics technology, traditionally the domain of video games and film, to power new applications in physical security. As a visual platform for complex,critical security systems such as airports, nuclear facilities and universities,Omnipresence uses an interactive 3-D map to present the big security picture of a facility and all of its security assets. Security operators have no need to memorize the locations of numerous assets such as cameras or access control points; they simply interact with them visually via the 3-D map.

    With the recent integration of ImmerVision Panomorph lenses in Omnipresence 3-D, security directors can drastically increase the areas covered by the surveillance system, and using the 3-D visualization, gain a complete live view of the facility at a glance. Whether for live situational awareness, or for investigative review,Omnipresence 3-D and ImmerVision Panomorph provides security directors with a perspective of their facilities which they have never seen before.

    Key Features
    ● Point anywhere in the 3-D map of a facility and watch the video of that space
    ●Maximize surveillance coverage
    ●Gain situational awareness from sector to sector
    ●Integrates advanced ImmerVision Panomorph lens and Omnipresence 3-D technology
    ● Most cost-effective way to see the big picture