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Bellsent IVS Trk4000, Intelligent video analytics server

Bellsent IVS Trk4000, Intelligent video analytics server

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Product Specifications
  • The trk4000 is a rack-mounted self-sustained intelligent-video centralized device with built-in video analytics. Ideal for medium to enterprise security operation with a large number of security cameras, the trk4000 helps optimize rack space by consolidated support for up to four analog surveillance cameras in each unit.

    The trk4000 plugs inline and upgrades common CCTV system security cameras (B/W, color, thermal, and infrared) with powerful indoor and outdoor automated detection and autonomous tracking of intruders, suspicious baggage, stopped vehicles, removed items and more.

    It is DSP-based, one per channel, and delivers hybrid security-system connectivity, converting analog audio and video into MPEG-4 streaming multimedia over IP, as well as simultaneously outputs analog video with graphical overlay features.

    Designed for simplicity, the trk4000 can be installed and configured within minutes via a built-in HTML web server that also provides access and viewing over a network through a standard web browser.


    Video Detection Channels: Four

    CIF Resolution – low latency-MPEG-4 audio & video streaming

    Intelligent video and network video encoder in one, operates both as a stand-alone unit or as part of an integrated network configuration

    Built-in high-performance self-sustained video analytics, requires no additional HW/SW

    Hybrid support for both analog and IP network streaming MPEG-4 architectures – includes audio, video and indication of the cause of an alarm with on screen display overlays

    Integrates with existing stationary and Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) security cameras (NTSC or PAL)

    Two-way audio capabilities

    On-alarm recording to any network PC, featuring continuous, event-driven and scheduled recording

    Performs predefined actions upon detected events

    Built-in HTML web server for access, configuration, and viewing through a network via a standard web browser

    Maintains Quality of Service (QoS): automatically optimizes network quality of service for one or more units, adjusting audio and video streams to bandwidth, traffic characteristics and priority

    Supports remote field-deployment with easy configuration and software upgrades over a network

    Non-PC based processing provides better security system reliability and avoids network latency that slows detection

    Provides better coverage than straight-line detectors or point sensors, such as PIR, fence sensors, ground sensors, smart fences, contact burglar alarm devices, etc.