Product Profile
Sentry 360 FullSight Mini H.264 Megapixel Camera

Sentry 360 FullSight Mini H.264 Megapixel Camera

  • Supplier: Sentry 360 Security
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 04/14/2010
Product Specifications
  • Sentry 360 FullSight Mini or FS-IP2000 is the size of a computer mouse and is the only 360-degree camera of its kind to adopt industry-leading H.264 compression. With the combination of low compression, small form factor and onboard storage capability, the FullSight mini has a series of features that are unmatched in the immersive 360-degree market.

    The FullSight Mini is designed to change the way installations are designed. Traditional camera technology most times produces 5 to 10 percent of the information within a field of view that’s needed to gain the entire story. Immersive video or 360-degree technology has no moving parts and no blind spots and delivers complete situational awareness to the end user with no unbroken video.