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4CH H.264 EASYCOP450
4CH H.264 EASYCOP450
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Product Specifications
  • 4ch H.264 Standalone DVR

    1. H.264 high performance image compression

    2. Linux Operation System

    Convenient GUI menu with a remote controller and a mouse

    for end-user OSD(Multi-language) English,Japanese,Spanish, Russsian, Korean, Etc.,

    3. High resolution image [720 x 480, 720 x 240, 360 x 240(N)],High Display Rate : 120 Fps for 4Ch

    4. Capacity for SATA I/F HDD Support (Internal Max. HDDx4)

    ? Easycop Series'' Network DVR provide CMS(Central Monitoring System) with User as Excellent Remote Network Transfer It is TELESERVER with built-in Web viewer,based monitoring & search The self-contained web Viewer of Easycop is able to monitore as real-time network regardless of time, an area DVR image make transmission in online through DDNS sever (TELESERVER WEB SITE) For user at no cost.

    ? When you offer to your custmoer, you can provide them with independent website at free of charge which is available to the separate system server unlike to telesever at the free of charge after set up client sofware after registration IN (CCTIVLINE WEB SITE)

    ? Offer QUICK GIDE FOR Using CCTIVLINE and TELESERVER, A rapid AS Product service