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Product Specifications
  • The VX range is formed by 4, 8 and 16 camera digital video recorders and

    transmitters. Robust, stable and capable real-time DVRs with easy installation, configuration and functional parameters.

    - Fully compatible with the reception software and visualization devices of the VX range

    - Quadruplex performance that allows the simultaneous display, recording, playback and transmission of video images.

    - Real time local live video visualization in high resolution and high image quality.

    - Selection of 4 different levels of image quality, independently for both live and recorded video.

    - Complex compression algorithm that permits more images to be saved and reduces hard disk occupation.

    - Dedicated digitalizer per camera to assure an exceptional image stability and quality in local and remotely use.

    - Multi-screen for visualizing live video of up to 16 cameras simultaneously.

    - Mixed viewer for the simultaneous local visualization of recorded and live video.

    - Compatibility with multiple domes on the market and dome On-Screen control function

    - Hidden cameras: Access protection to live and recorded video of selected cameras according to user profile.

    - Simultaneous local and remote access.

    - Local and/or remote configuration.

    - Simultaneous recording from all cameras. Time-lapse, event-trigger and motion detection recording with independent conditions and rates for each camera.

    - Configurable pre-alarm recording, up to 30 minutes.

    - E-mail alarm notification with user authentication

    - Excellent recorded video sequence searching system with VMD filters on timelapse recordings and fast forward speeds (4x, 8x, 16x).

    - Video transmission without interrupting the configured recording process.

    - Multiple connections to the server with up to 4 simultaneous users to live video sequences.

    - Automatic services for dynamic IP address support and time synchronization with a configurable NTP server.

    - Temperature level indication on screen and transmission of this information to the Supervisor to generate alarms if necessary.

    - IP address filters that permit limitation of access to units from IP addresses supplied.

    - Image export: models available with DVD burning facility and video export facility through USB ports.

    - Automatic deletion of old video sequences with user-defined time limit.

    - Never stops recording. Indicates the hard disk occupation and deletes the oldest sequences when more space is needed.