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Xtralis V3500 IP Video Recorder/Server

Xtralis V3500 IP Video Recorder/Server

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Product Specifications
  • The Xtralis V3500 is an innovative, high-capacity digital video storage recorder/server that provides virtually unlimited, encrypted network video storage using the latest innovative technology that dramatically reduces power consumption and increases hard disc life. The V3500 provides unlimited storage and unlimited archiving in one unit using patent-pending Xtralis Cold Disk Technology.

    * With long-term storage and retrieval capabilities, easily swappable storage cartridges, and a service-friendly architecture, the V3500 is revolutionary in design and performance
    * The V3500 uses a secure encrypted storage format with fully redundant (autobalancing) processing and storage
    * The V3500 is fully interoperable with the Xtralis 3000 Series family of products, including the V3100 for video and audio recording and transmission, the V3001 for video wall applications, and the S3000 for IP-based access control
    * Configuration, control and use of the V3500 is managed by Xtralis M3000 Command and Control software