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V-SOL GPS Remote Vehicle Tracking System
V-SOL GPS Remote Vehicle Tracking System
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  • V-SOL remote provides information where and when it is needed with GPS technology. GPS is a key part of V-SOL technology, which provides independent positioning and timing information. Information from this system is captured, analyzed and distributed along with other complementary data. With V-SOL Remote, end-users can make requests via simple e-mail messages. Upon receipt, V-SOL manages the request and returns the answer by e-mail with a full description and optional maps. Sharing information from V-SOL Remote is easy. Simply forward the e-mail or have V-SOL do it automatically.

    V-SOL provides fully managed solutions designed specifically for businesses that require automatic, accurate and reliable vehicle-tracking technology without involvement or intervention. V-SOL Remote is the simplest, most effective tool for sales, service and remote work. It also provides complete 24-7 time sheets with full details of all vehicle activity including full street addresses of places visited, time spent at each location, time spent traveling between each location visited, accumulation of traveling time during the day, total traveling time for each day, speed between stops (miles or kilometers per hour), distance traveled between locations, total distance traveled each day and total weekly distance traveled.

    V-SOL Remote comprises two parts--vehicle equipment and a subscription to a V-SOL Central Server.