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SP-3000 Series Mini-wallmount Standalone DVR
SP-3000 Series Mini-wallmount Standalone DVR
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Product Specifications
  • SP-3000 is an affordable compact, relatively smaller than the usual standalone DVR in the market yet having the powerful features of a high-end DVR. This unique networked DVR surveillance system offers real time recording for up to eight locally connected cameras. Designed for limited spaces and flexible monitoring and recording capabilities, SP-3000 DVRs are best for many small to medium sized buildings, retail and franchise areas, commercial establishments and small finance institutions.

    Key Features:

    Optimized Performance

    Built on embedded Linux kernel 2.6 platform, the SP-3000 mini-wallmount embedded DVRs offer users optimized, efficient and very durable video surveillance solutions. Using Advanced Hardware MPEG4 Compression technology, SP-3000 is capable of recording at 25 or 30 fps per camera in small file sizes at high resolutions.

    Remote Access via Internet or Wireless Connection

    Remote networking is well supported allowing transmission of video over TCP/IP. Each DVR includes remote networking software that allows remote surveillance real-time streaming of video and audio, selectable server connection, remote search & playback and remote DVR set-up.

    Worry-Free Installation and Space Saving via wallmount design

    SP-3000 Series is a compact, wall-mountable mini-embedded DVR made from industrial chassis with 30 x 23 x 7.0 cm of dimension with built-in power supply.

    Supports Simultaneous Access to Multiple Client Devices

    The SP-3000 can be monitored simultaneously from more than one PC and mobile phone with minimum use of bandwidth.

    Powerful yet Cost Effective

    With all the unique features and capability, SP-3000 guarantees excellent video quality on display and recording at a very affordable price.

    Other features:

    - MPEG4 and JPEG video streaming

    - High resolution remote video quality

    - DDNS support and CMS integration

    - up to 2 HDD

    - Network Backup

    - supports ATM/POS video text overlay and video auditing

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