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NP-5000 Network Video Server

NP-5000 Network Video Server

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Product Specifications
  • Neugent''s NP-5000 network video server is designed for easy integration of existing analog video cameras to any open or secure IP based network. The NP-5000 support up to four (4) simultaneous video streams at real time frame rates from QCIF to DVD resolution. NP-5000 is best recommended for traffic monitoring, school video surveillance, construction site monitoring, production lines and factory monitoring, warehouse management, retail, etc.

    Key Features:

    Full D1 streaming

    - Live video and audio streams are available at full frame rate, real-time full D1 resolution (NTSC: 720x480, PAL: 720x576) making the image clearer

    Multi-device streaming

    - Allows simultaneous remote video monitoring over multiple devices such as PC and mobile phone/PDA

    TV out support

    - Capable of displaying the videos directly to a regular TV set in high quality resolution

    Live View streaming

    - Capable of viewing all cameras real-time in MPEG4 format which is significantly smaller in size than the JPEG and MPEG streaming.

    Other Features:

    > Built-in web viewer

    > DDNS support

    > Full duplex audio

    > Audio streaming

    > Multi-video streaming (MPEG4&MJPEG)

    > PTZ control

    > SMS and email alerts

    > Motion event detection

    > Video loss detection

    > Sensors/Relays

    > Bundled Powerful Remote Software

    > Bundled Network Recording Software

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