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Basler Day/Night Network Camera
Basler Day/Night Network Camera
  • Supplier: Basler Vision Technologies
  • Region: Germany
  • Updated: 07/08/2009
  • Click Frequency: 1383
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Product Specifications
  • Basler's day/night series is equipped with a selection of the best Sony CCD sensors, which provide optimized sensitivity not only for daytime conditions but especially for night and low light applications. 

    During normal lighting conditions, the IR-cut filter is positioned in front of the imaging sensor. This results in high quality color images. When the ambient light level decreases, the automatic exposure control on the Basler network camera moves the mechanical IR-cut filter aside and replaces it with a clear filter to keep the correct back focal length. Without the IR-cut filter in front of the sensor, the camera will shift into a black and white mode that allows operation at a minimum illumination and enabling full night vision capability.

    An ultra-compact, all-metal housing with an 89.2 mm x 29 mm x 44 mm size and a weight of only 230 grams makes these day/night network cameras in their class. These characteristics contribute to a flexible, easy installation.