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Everlight Ambient Light Sensor Dip Series
Everlight Ambient Light Sensor Dip Series
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Product Specifications
  • - Excellent IR-Cut performance

    - Close responsively to the human eye spectrum

    - Light to Current, analog output

    - Good output linearity across wide illumination range

    - Low sensitivity variation across various light sources

    - Operation temperature performance, -40oC to 85oC

    - Wide supply voltage range, 1.8V to 5.5V

    - Size: 3mm Lamp (Flat lens)

    - RoHS compliant package


    - Ambient light monitoring device for daylight and artificial light: CCD camera/CCTV security equipment, Street light

    - Detection of ambient light to control display backlighting

    Computing device – TFT LCD monitor for Notebook computer

    Consumer device – TFT LCD TV, video camera, digital camera, toys