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DSP56374: 24-bit Audio Digital Signal Processor
DSP56374: 24-bit Audio Digital Signal Processor
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 12/03/2008
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Product Specifications
  • The DSP56374 is designed to support a multitude of digital signal processing applications requiring a lot of horsepower in a small package. While the DSP56374 is designed with flexibility and thus is versatile in the types of applications it can support, it does include a powerful set of audio features, including various built-in audio peripherals and embedded software designed to meet the needs of both consumer and automotive audio applications.

    The DSP56374 provides a wealth of audio processing functions including an operating system, various equalization algorithms, compression, signal generator, tone control, fade/balance, level meter/spectrum analyzer, and many more. The DSP56374 also supports various matrix decoders and sound field processing algorithms.

    The DSP56374 uses the high performance, single-clock-per-cycle DSP56300 core family of programmable CMOS digital signal processors (DSPs) combined with the audio signal processing capability of the Freescale Symphony DSP family. This design provides a two-fold performance increase over Freescale's popular DSP56000 core family of DSPs while retaining code compatibility.

    Significant architectural enhancements include a barrel shifter, 24-bit addressing, patch module, and direct memory access (DMA). The DSP56374 is available in either a 52-pin or 80-pin TQFP at 150 million instructions per second (MIPS) using an internal 150 MHz clock at 1.25 V.

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