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Zareba Security Guard Tower Intrusio Detection System
Zareba Security Guard Tower Intrusio Detection System
  • Supplier: Zareba Security
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 03/25/2009
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Product Specifications
  • The Guard Tower intrusion detection system from Zareba Security is a versatile perimeter barrier that uses filtering technology to virtually eliminate false alarms. The patent-pending Guard Tower system has redundant detection modes and can identify the point of intrusion to within 10-feet. It integrates with surveillance systems, sending an alarm to central security control monitors for instant video verification. The Guard Tower system is scalable to satisfy varying security threat levels and budgets. It is available in one-foot increments, giving maximum flexibility for various perimeter installations. It works as a full stand-alone barrier or can be retrofit to an existing fence, roof or wall top to enhance an existing barrier as an outrigger. High value or high security perimeters can also utilize the system as a nonlethal electric fence or as alarm-only. These security settings can be changed manually, remotely or automatically depending on the threat level or the time of day.