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XF1100/2100/2110 XceedID Readers

XF1100/2100/2110 XceedID Readers

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Product Specifications
  • XceedID provides the perfect reader choice for Amag customers who may be thinking of upgrading to contactless smartcards, offering companies migrating from proximity cards to contactless smartcards a new technology. New readers read proximity and contactless smartcards simultaneously on the same readers. The technology also eliminates time-consuming, error-prone, cumbersome manual enrollment of new credentials into security-system software and panels.

    The automated upgrade feature is utilized when a company installs readers for use with existing HID or proximity cards. After installing readers, customers can deploy newer secure contactless smartcards at any time. Customers can use mixed populations of older HID proximity cards and new contactless cards simultaneously or migrate at their convenience. Alternatively, if they choose to migrate to contactless smartcards and totally eliminate proximity cards, implementation is simple.