Product Profile
AS-3024 SoC

AS-3024 SoC

  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 2008/12/22
Product Specifications
  • AS-3024 is a 4channel SoC product. Since AS-3024 integrated major IPs for DVR such as, Codec and CPU, it enables quickly to bring the market and provide benefit to lower system cost. 

    Designing for flexible extension, it is possible to apply in 9 and 16channel DVR product. And it also can be used for PC Card type DVR with PCI function. 

    * 4 channel DVR System on Chip with Video Processor, CODEC, CPU and Peripherals embedded
    * MPEG4 CODEC (Two Encoders and One Decoder) 
    * ARM9 CPU (ARM926EJ-S)
    * Audio CODEC(G.721), IDE, Ethernet MAC, USB(V.1.1), PCI(REV 2.2)
    * Expandable to 8 or 16 channel by a cascade of two or four chips

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